Specialty classes for building your practice.

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Our certified Prenatal Yoga instructors guide you through poses that work to strengthen and lengthen muscles in the pelvic area, helping to prepare your body for childbirth. Classes are designed to support the rapid changes in your body, and are adaptable to meet you where you are in your pregnancy.

"We take care of the future best,

by taking care of the present now."

-Jon Kabat-Zin

Six-Week Series

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This four-week series is designed for the beginner yogi, or for practicing yogis who desire to learn more about proper alignment, form, and modifications to yoga poses in order to get the most from their practice. Each week, we focus on a family of poses, breaking them down to their most fundamental aspects...only to rebuild them from the ground up with a better understanding of how to practice them, and why. 

"Build a strong foundation, and you can reach even the most unthinkable heights."

-MJ Moore

Four-Week Series

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Senior Mobility

Improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility through yoga poses specifically chosen for seniors (60 and older) at any level of health and fitness. Our instructors teach you how to modify poses and incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Props are provided, and mats are available at the studio for use. 

"Aging is not lost youth--it's a new opportunity for strength."

-Betty Friedan

Four-Week Series


Prenatal yoga is so relaxing - its nice to be surrounded by other mommas.

After only 1 week, I am excited to continue this course through my pregnancy. It will be a huge benefit to my body and mind!

I truly enjoyed the beginners yoga with Kabrina, today! I felt welcomed and enjoyed the atmosphere. Looking forward to coming back!

Elliot K.

Lindsay B.

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